The learning analysis, design and development framework (LDF) is a systemised methodology to create learning materials and solutions through phases of ANALYSIS, DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT.

This structured approach ensures that learning objectives are accurately identified and consistent high quality learning solutions are delivered.

Guide Overview

This guidance note provides an overview on the full process of ANALYSIS, DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT of effective, systematically derived learning materials.


This guidance note shows the importance of undertaking a detailed ANALYSIS to ensure that the learning:

  • Is in line with the overall objectives of the business
  • Addresses a genuine skills requirement or critical skills shortage
  • Is cost effective
  • Adds value and leads to return on investment (ROI)


This guidance note shows how the DESIGN phase converts the learning competencies identified during ANALYSIS into full learning objectives and how these will be met resulting in an effective training plan.


This guidance note shows how the DEVELOPMENT phase produces the training material required, ensuring that both the material and the delivery method is appropriate for the achievement of the specific learning outcome.


Identification of training needs and the competency cirteria to enable the job encumbent the knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform a particular job.

Competencies are converted into training objectives and then organised into a plan.

This phrase will comprise of the preparation of all training materials so that the training objectives can be achieved.

Training is conducted utilising all the training materials that have been developed

The learning & development framework
The evaluation phase runs throughout the lifecycle of all phases

Phases in the LDF:

Key Part Description
A Analysis and defining if the Automotive Industry has a learning need
B Creation of a learning design specification that is approved by the Industry
C Development of Learning Solutions that can be accredited by the Industry and delivered by Approved Providers

The overall purpose of the Learning Analysis, Design and Development Framework (LDF) is to “Promote Excellence in Learning”. Through approved providers and learning resources to upskill the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the workforce across the automotive industry

LDF Overview

LDF is a systemised methodology to create learning materials and solutions through phases of ANALYSIS, DESIGN and DEVELOPMENT.

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LDF Glossary

Definitions for some of the phases from the Learning analysis, Design and development Framework

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Training Programmes

Innovative approaches to tackle the industry’s current and future skills challenges at all stages are being developed and piloted by the Automotive Industrial Partnership

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