Automotive Industry Job Framework

The Automotive Industry Job Framework has been created to help bring consistency across the industry and a common understanding of different job roles and their skills requirements.

There are job families for the Engineering, Purchasing, Materials Planning and Logistics, Quality and Manufacturing functions in the framework. Each job family is tiered, with detailed job descriptions available for career levels from ‘Apprentice/trainee’ to ‘Head of’. 119 generic job descriptions templates can be downloaded in total, outlining the recommended skills, attributes and qualifications needed for individual job roles.

The framework and job descriptions have been developed and approved by the industry’s employers with input from professional organisations, such as the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and Chartered Institution of Procurement and Supply.

The job description templates can be used by manufacturers and suppliers who are recruiting – generating significant time and resource savings. They also show new entrants and existing employees the breadth of opportunities that are available and the scope for career progression or lateral moves in the industry.

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Industry Job Framework

Job Descriptions Glossary

Definitions for some of the skills and qualifications described in the job descriptions.

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Engineering Institutions

When choosing which institution to contact it is best to join one closest to the discipline of engineering you work in.

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